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During the last two decades the development of Internet has changed rapidly and its use in business has transformed from ‘Big news’ to ‘an everyday habit’. The opportunities that it provides are now crystal-clear and naturally accepted by businesses all over the world. It is not possible to describe in just a few pages the advantages of the Internet as means to do business, but we will touch upon some of the most important factors that must not be neglected by any company when structuring its strategy.

Nowadays it is a must to have your company presented in the Internet, if you wish to succeed and survive in the conditions of dynamic economic growth and competitiveness. More and more executives realize the importance of presenting their company in the Internet. This can happen in many ways – from the normal use of the Internet as an advertising platform to transferring the entire business cycle online – the so called e-business.

Advantages of the Internet in terms of competition and business development:
  • gain more information about your competitors by checking out their websites
  • gain more information on your current and potential partners and customers’ needs by checking demand and situation of the specific sector
  • identify new business opportunities and new business partners
  • easier access to information concerning the tendencies for development of the sector
  • remote access to customers and partners from anywhere in the world
  • low cost and nearly instantaneous sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills, making collaborative work much easier
  • immediate inquiries’ replies and access to much greater number of potential customers with a real and easy opportunity to access international markets
  • almost permanent connection with customers and partners
  • opportunity to have greater flexibility in working hours and location

Opportunities of creating a website:
  • global presentation of the company’s products and services with no format or location restrictions (as for example a brochure)
  • fast popularization of new products and services
  • quick connection with customers and partners to exchange ideas and get feedback
  • online orders
  • instant information sharing – by sending a file through e-mail or uploading it to a website
  • access to customers and partners internationally
As you have seen the creation of a website of a company today is a natural process requiring little investment but resulting in considerable return – great business opportunities and significant support of its advertising and presence on the global market.