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Welcome to the IT 2 BUSINESS solutions catalogue – a source of successful practices and Information Technology (IT) solutions for your business.

In today’s Knowledge economy and Information society IT is the main competitiveness enabler. Among the various traditional B2B (Business To Business), G2C (Government To Citizen), G2B (Government To Business), here you have the "backbone" – IT 2 BUSINESS.
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Product/Service Description
We assist our customers across many industries in managing their IT infrastructure and addressing tough challenges by providing services ranging from performance monitoring through IT Service Desk and to 2nd and 3rd level support.

We provide 24x7 monitoring services covering users, services, infrastructure devices, applications, standard and custom alerts and events. We can cover 24x7 global IT operations, with monitoring and support 99.75% availability

Our Service Desk operation will provide you with a single-point-of-contact with a guaranteed response time to IT application and system problems and to questions from your business users and customers. Our teams are taking over 50,000 calls per annum through voice, email and online support channels, with the ability to extend to multilingual services as required.

We have highly-skilled 2nd and 3rd level support engineers who can provide troubleshooting for: Database support, Server support, Network support, Desktop services Hosting and Security. Our engineers can also perform onsite interventions for special projects or major incidents.
Company: Endava
Product/Service Description
5D ELEMENT system

5D is a strategic element of our most important software solutions. This is a business information system for small and medium enterprises. It is made modular so that each module can be used as a standalone application, but the modules are integrated with each other show their greatest strength and the perfect solution for everyone. To 5D ELEMENT deserves his title will try to present you through examples of how you can speed up their work. If you imagine a company that creates hundreds of daily output accounts and in addition there are regular traffic treasury, payroll and depreciation of fixed assets.

These jobs every day to produce accountants create hundreds of items to be entered as soon as possible. The time it takes for this entry is probably one working day. With the help of a 5D ELEMENT accountants automatically recorded all the financial changes for a few minutes. Thus, all statements that are necessary to make rapid business decisions up to date and always available. Modules business information systems 5d elements are (listed as restricted possibilities of individual modules, but really to a much lesser extent than the same can apply in practice):

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this system is its openness to the specific requirements of users. This means that we can classify the items and materials in a manner that corresponds to, on an arbitrary number of levels, with an arbitrary length Coding. Users can choose the parameters in the system that are of interest only to him and get an overview and management report on these parameters. It is possible to create more than 1,000 different combinations of the report. The most useful reports are certainly statistical reports which you can easily monitor the quality of your business enterprises and to help them make important and long-term business decisions. In short, systematic replication of the organization of your business is our problem.
Company: 5th Dimension
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Product/Service Description
Esfera improves business management by enabling the planning, execution, control and flexible correction of the business processes and resources at department level. Esfera Suite provides guidance and control in performing both business-as-usual and exception processes, embedding also crisis management and business continuity planning.

Esfera is fitted also to be used as an e-learning environment, where procedures might be understood and individually studied, both to initiate junior staff or to distribute and create awareness of the current updates.
Company: Allevo