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ApolloG4 Insurance
Venizelosova 5 Contact person for the specific product / service
Belgrade, Serbia, 11000 Branislav Djurkovic
+381 11 3347473 +38163302111
office@apollo.rs branislav.djurkovic@apollo.rs
About the company
Apollo is an eBusiness software and solution provider company founded in 1992 in Belgrade, Serbia, and specialized in complex integrated eBusiness solutions for various industries, but with particular expertise in finance, insurance and manufacturing. All the time working in Oracle environment, company has been the technology leader in the region, maintaining strategic partnerships with the global IT industry giants such as Oracle, IBM, HP, Sun, Intel and Red Hat.

Products and Services
eBusiness Solutions - ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions are the fourth generation of superior integrated enterprise solutions available as either Packaged Applications or Hosted Applications in a Software-as-a-Service business model. During its a more than 15 years long history, Apollo eBusiness Solutions have passed through four versions/generations in four major architectures:
- 1995, G1 - Centralized architecture, character user interface
- 1997, G2 - Client/server architecture, graphical user interface
- 1999, G3 - Three-tier web architecture, client graphical web browser
- 2001, G4 - Shared application in a hosted architecture and SaaS business model

Three integrated packages, ApolloG4 Insurance, ApolloG4 ERP and ApolloG4 University are currently supported. The production version is released in September 2001 as a pioneer at the hosted/SaaS enterprise solutions market, presentation and live applications are available at the company website. Target markets are midsize to large enterprises in broad range of vertical industries: insurance, manufacturing, maintenance, trade, distribution, services, billing, and higher education.
Some very advanced functionalities, such as Business Process Management, Business Document Management, Planning and Business Intelligence Reporting are integrated into the ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions. Multi-Tenancy and Multi-Accounting concepts are implemented, with full multinational operations support (simultaneous multi-language, multi-currency and multi-tax).
English, German and Serbian localizations are currently supported; any further localization could be completed in a very short period of time.
Apollo provides full implementation services for its solutions, including installation, customization, user training, and post-implementation support with maintenance. Implementation of ApolloG4 eBusiness Solutions is quick and efficient, modeling starts from the most similar already implemented business case using various modeling tools specially developed to facilitate the process.
Product / Service
ApolloG4 Insurance

ApolloG4 Insurance is from any perspective innovative eBusiness solution for the insurance industry. Application package is modular and highly parameterized in order to be easily adaptable to the customer's business operations. Besides general subsystems, like planning, HR and finance, particular insurance modules functionally cover all insurance processes.

It is based on latest Oracle development, web and database technologies, available as either Packaged Application in traditional licensing model or Hosted Application with innovative "Software-as-a-Service" business model.

By using Tariff System Management module, user enters and updates company's tariff system which could be specific or aligned with some of adopted standards. ApolloG4 Insurance supports all business processes in one insurance company with the following functional specification:
- Planning
- Finance
- Accounting
- Fixed Assets
- Human Resources
- Salaries
- Tariff Management
- Policy Administration
- Property and Casualty
- Life & Annuity
- Re/Coinsurance
- Claims Administration
- Off-line Agent
- Reports and Statistics
- eInsurance
Key client processes
  • ERP and related:  Finance , Accounting , Stocks , HR , Suppliers
  • CRM and related:  Operational , Sales , Collaborative
  • Specific service process: Insurance
Customer problem solved with the implementation
ApolloG4 Insurance covers all business processes in insurance industry, Property & Casualty and Life & Annuity, with integrated Claims Management and Accounting & Finance.
Direct or indirect benefits from the implementation
Total control of all business processes in insurance company.
Necessary resources
Usual resources needed for implementation of business solution.
Lovcen Osiguranje, Podgorica, with more than 75% market share in Montenegro - fully implemented including B2B & B2C modules in 2005.