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Bucharest, Romania, 031281 Allevo
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About the company
Allevo is a Romanian company that provides software solutions for financial institutions of all sizes for processing financial transactions.

We promote BOOST (Banking On Open Source Technologies) in order to reduce the total cost of ownership and achieve end-to-end interoperability across the financial supply chain, offer operational risk containment, whilst addressing legal and regulatory constraints in processing financial transactions.

With the BOOST project, Allevo supports business growth by joint developments. It thus distributes its products with zero cost licenses and focuses on selling services, while aiming to create a self-sustaining open source community.
Product / Service

Esfera improves business management by enabling the planning, execution, control and flexible correction of the business processes and resources at department level. Esfera Suite provides guidance and control in performing both business-as-usual and exception processes, embedding also crisis management and business continuity planning.

Esfera is fitted also to be used as an e-learning environment, where procedures might be understood and individually studied, both to initiate junior staff or to distribute and create awareness of the current updates.
Key client processes
  • ERP and related:  HR
  • CRM and related:  Operational , Collaborative , Interaction
Direct or indirect benefits from the implementation
On a strategic level with Esfera you have:
- a collaborative solution which provides the staff of the company with a working environment that facilitates communication, workflow control, information exchange and selective access (depending on the role an employee plays) to all the information generated within a particular activity.
- a system that can be easily and at any time adapted in order to comply with the changes that may appear in the processes of an organization.
- an extremely useful toolset toimplement an ISO9001:2008 quality management system inside an organization, to develop, maintain and test an electronic Business Continuity Plan, to real-time monitor the activities workflow, for tracing the outcomes and for the necessary analyses of cost optimization, to achieve process automation, of great interest for the implementation of CMMI in small settings.

On the business level Esfera is a instrument to implement several electronic forms/personalized messages, the review/approval flow corresponding to a document or electronic form, the activity flow, with roles and message routing rules, according to the organization's processes.

On a technical level, Esfera can be considered as a hierarchical-based forum with messages and answers with capabilities for inserting attachments (documents, images, audio files), and alerting messages for various events (like exceeding a preset date or modifying a certain document).