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About the company
Allevo is a Romanian company that provides software solutions for financial institutions of all sizes for processing financial transactions.

We promote BOOST (Banking On Open Source Technologies) in order to reduce the total cost of ownership and achieve end-to-end interoperability across the financial supply chain, offer operational risk containment, whilst addressing legal and regulatory constraints in processing financial transactions.

With the BOOST project, Allevo supports business growth by joint developments. It thus distributes its products with zero cost licenses and focuses on selling services, while aiming to create a self-sustaining open source community.
Product / Service

FMA provides a flexible, reliable platform for building disaster-tolerant SWIFT Alliance Access computing environments, by real time asynchronous mirroring SWIFT transactions and routing rules between two remote sites.

Besides the basic transaction mirroring engine, FMA offers:
i. a business and technical monitoring subsystem
ii. a procedure and event management subsystem providing working procedures management (create, update & disseminate), BC&DR (business continuity and disaster recovery) support and planned events support
iii. BCP (business continuity plan) virtual rehearsal & update support, saving important related costs and time
iv. eLearning support
Key client processes
  • Specific service process: Payments
Customer problem solved with the implementation
FMA sends in real time the transactions from the primary platform to the back-up platform. The communication cost is effective while the bandwidth requirements are not that demanding, since FMA sends single transactions rather than database replicas.

In case of an unexpected event, the backup platform is immediately available and ready to run (transmit & receive the financial transactions) and the staff activities are guided - avoiding an important amount of human errors (more likely to occur in stressful situations).

This strategy makes the payment system resilient: it might bend but it doesn't break and recovers quickly to the initial shape.