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Certified on ISO 27001
Company: Adaptivit
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Esfera improves business management by enabling the planning, execution, control and flexible correction of the business processes and resources at department level. Esfera Suite provides guidance and control in performing both business-as-usual and exception processes, embedding also crisis management and business continuity planning.

Esfera is fitted also to be used as an e-learning environment, where procedures might be understood and individually studied, both to initiate junior staff or to distribute and create awareness of the current updates.
Company: Allevo
FMA provides a flexible, reliable platform for building disaster-tolerant SWIFT Alliance Access computing environments, by real time asynchronous mirroring SWIFT transactions and routing rules between two remote sites.

Besides the basic transaction mirroring engine, FMA offers:
i. a business and technical monitoring subsystem
ii. a procedure and event management subsystem providing working procedures management (create, update & disseminate), BC&DR (business continuity and disaster recovery) support and planned events support
iii. BCP (business continuity plan) virtual rehearsal & update support, saving important related costs and time
iv. eLearning support
Company: Allevo
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FinTP is a complete open source application that processes financial transactions, automates flows and offers operational risk containment and compliance to regulatory and industry standards.

FinTP and all ancillary documentation is distributed freely and openly through the FINkers United community and provides collaboration ground for rapid development and integration of new technologies, such as crypto currencies, biometric security, data analysis algorithms. This creates an open infrastructure for achieving real-time payments and a better management of liquidity and assets.

FinTP source code complies with GPLv3 license and it capitalizes on a 12 years practice proven by qPayIntegrator, designed and implemented by Allevo back in 2002. FinTP's predecessor has been live at 10 financial institutions and has successfully managed their daily operations, automating their flows, centralizing their transactions and ensuring end-to-end interoperability.

Core features:
1. technical integration between different business applications
2. data conversions to/from different formats
3. message routing and archiving
Company: Allevo
ApolloG4 Insurance is from any perspective innovative eBusiness solution for the insurance industry. Application package is modular and highly parameterized in order to be easily adaptable to the customer's business operations. Besides general subsystems, like planning, HR and finance, particular insurance modules functionally cover all insurance processes.

It is based on latest Oracle development, web and database technologies, available as either Packaged Application in traditional licensing model or Hosted Application with innovative "Software-as-a-Service" business model.

By using Tariff System Management module, user enters and updates company's tariff system which could be specific or aligned with some of adopted standards. ApolloG4 Insurance supports all business processes in one insurance company with the following functional specification:
- Planning
- Finance
- Accounting
- Fixed Assets
- Human Resources
- Salaries
- Tariff Management
- Policy Administration
- Property and Casualty
- Life & Annuity
- Re/Coinsurance
- Claims Administration
- Off-line Agent
- Reports and Statistics
- eInsurance
Company: Apollo
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