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Welcome to the IT 2 BUSINESS solutions catalogue – a source of successful practices and Information Technology (IT) solutions for your business.

In today’s Knowledge economy and Information society IT is the main competitiveness enabler. Among the various traditional B2B (Business To Business), G2C (Government To Citizen), G2B (Government To Business), here you have the "backbone" – IT 2 BUSINESS.

IT 2 BUSINESS catalogue is an important element of the systematic support towards increased ICT competitiveness in Eastern European and Caucasus countries by the USAID funded RCI (Regional Competitiveness Initiative) project. So far we have achieved higher maturity of software and IT companies.

Now, on that base we aim at facilitating the direct contacts between this sector and companies from the other economic sectors such as Tourism, Banking/ Finance, Food Industry, Manufacturing, Agro Business and others. We began with a selection of 71 software products and services of highest quality presented by 33 companies from the region of Eastern Europe and Caucasus and hope to expand the catalogue more and more in the future. Cross-sector and cross-border collaboration will further unravel the regional economic capacity. Thus, the region will become well recognized and competitive high technology and high quality hub with advanced knowledge economy and society.

A printed version of the catalogue is also available since October 2009 and will be updated periodically.

This online platform is open to companies and solutions providers – you can apply for membership by completing company profile, and at least one product or service. The main requirement is that it has been implemented successfully in the industrial sectors indicated, and your customers can prove it. Then you can extend or update your portfolio If you run a business of any industrial sector – here you can find the most suitable solution for your scale and scope. And it is nearby, and proven to work and help.

We would like to extend special thanks to the USAID missions, USAID competitiveness projects and the local ICT associations in the region for valuable contributions and expanded network and scope.

Your success is the best feedback we can receive.
Bon voyage!

Dr. George Sharkov
Regional Manager
European Software Institute - Eastern Europe